Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yummy Goodness!

I love the smell of freshly baked goodies wafting through the kitchen. It's not good for the diet but it's nice to have a special something from time to time. I love how that sweet smell sneaks out of the over doors and begins to fill the house. It slowly creeps up the steps and begins to squeeze underneath doors so that there is not a space left unscented. There is nothing better then leaving your home and returning to the aroma of freshly baked goodies. My stomach growls and my mouth salivates just thinking about it.

My boys enjoy baking too. I never seem to make enough time to share the joys of cooking. It's not that my mom never did it with me, it's just that cooking is not something that I enjoy doing. I am trying to change this though. I have purchased new kid themed cookbooks and grabbed a couple food themed magazines (Boy do I like the Food Network one). The boys each have their own homemade aprons, cars and trucks of course. We lay out all the ingredients, mix and stir, and then sit and wait for the goodies to rise and proclaim that they are ready to be sacrificed to the beings watching through the window.

I was looking through my favorite blogs yesterday and found adorable recipes for April Fools Day. My boys will have a BLAST making these fun treats with me. I'm already getting jittery with anticipation. The girls at Our Best Bites have offered up some fun cupcake ideas for April Fools. I am so thankful to their easy step by step instructions with pictures. They make it so very easy.

I would have never thought to make healthy food themed cupcakes as a silly treat. I'll be stopping by the store today to pick up some ready made mini cupcakes so we can get to work tomorrow on our bite size treats. They may not fill the air with mouth watering goodness, but maybe that will keep me from eating the whole batch on my own. Mmmm!


  1. Well, I like the description earlier, 'creeps up the steps & begins to squeeze under the doors', but as you went on I realized that you were writing about having fun with your boys, creating a great memory of April Fools' Day jokes. The pictures are delightful. Although our children are long gone, we still play jokes on each other in some way. I'm sorry this year that the day is on spring break. I've had fun there too, trading desks with other teachers,etc. Have a wonderful day decorating!

  2. That photograph is priceless!! And all the goodies has me yearning for this afternoon, when I can make my way to the bakery. My kids loved to bake, too...back in the day when they had time!

  3. Great idea! These cupcakes are just awesome -- hope when you finish your April fools creations, you take some pics! Love the picture of the boys peering into the oven waiting for it to do its magic all the while the scrumptious scent is sneaking to every open space. Enjoy the time with your boys. A memory they will always remember.