Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Angelic Tune

I have been hit with the dreaded sore throat that won't go away. It makes sleeping a challenge and a good nights rest a rare commodity. The coughing fits wipe me out and I had a monstrous fit last night. Trying to look on the bright side, I thought that this might lead to a good nights rest since my whole body seemed exhausted. I took my medicine and gingerly settled in under my blanket warmer. My poor husband looked at me in hopes that my coughs would subside so we could both get some rest without one of us settling for the downstairs couch.

I nestled a cough drop into the pocket in my mouth and started to knead the pillow into just the right position. Then it was time to curl up without setting off the coughing spurts. Aaaah, all settled. Now it was time to rearrange around the cat. Like and acrobat, Mojo gracefully climbed across my body and settled into the homemade cul-de-sac. We began to doze together. I was so tired that I began to feel my body settle into the down comforter that embraced me like a goodbye at the airport. I might have a good chance of getting some sleep because this felt like heaven.

Then I began to hear a woman's singing. The melody worked it's way into my ear and began lulling me to sleep. It was incredibly angelic but I am the only girl in my house...unless you count the dog. Could it be my medicine playing tricks on me? I really didn't take that much. I concentrated harder, trying to find out where this melodious tune was coming from. I didn't have to search far, it was my cat "humming" in his sleep. His purr and snore mixture was the perfect sleeping soundtrack. As my eyes began their journey closed, I concentrated on the musical tune and settled into a restful sleep. Thank you Mojo for my angelic lullaby.


  1. "I was so tired that I began to feel my body settle into the down comforter that embraced me like a goodbye at the airport"
    I loved this description...I could almost feel the embrace of the comforter. Pets are such a comfort in so many situations.

  2. You explained the discomfort of a cold/cough so well, I was feeling it--terrible time. Lucky you have such a talented/thoughtful cat!

  3. First of all, feel better! Glad that Mojo was able to help "sing" you to sleep in the homemade cul-de-sac (love that!). Ah, the perfect sleeping soundtrack. So many great phrases in this slice!

    We've been away for a week, so our little furball has been extra clingy! Maybe a future slice idea. . .

  4. You did have so many good parts, "like a goodbye at the airport" & the 'cul-de-sac'. It's funny what our tired minds find that works, like an angel singing/purring/comforting you to sleep. I loved the image. Hope your throat is much better soon.