Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dancing Machine

Wednesday is one of my days to volunteer at T's school. I enjoy the opportunity this gives me to work with children. Their little faces light up when I walk in the door and my heart just soars. Wednesday is also the day that the school has their morning meetings as a whole group. They share announcements, upcoming activities, lunch, the pledge, and super students. Today was a special day because the dance club did a hip hop number. I love music and dancing almost as much as I love teaching so this was a treat.

J had his legs wrapped around my hips like a monkey and was swinging to and fro while the children danced on stage. My foot was tapping as my eyes surveyed each child as they tried to remember the many varied steps. My eyes were diverted today by one particular girl who was not on stage. I have not worked with her, but I can tell that she has many struggles in life. She is always smiling and trying her best to communicate with the people around her. As I watched her today, my eyes started to become damp. She was bouncing to the music with her whole body and soul. She threw her head back, eyes twinkling, smile from ear to ear, and swayed her body to the music. She had a tight grip on her teacher's hand like it was a life line and swayed her to the tune pumping through the speakers. What a joy it was to watch this little girl forget her worries and just enjoy the moment. With all of the sad news in the media right now, it was nice to see someone living happily in the moment.


  1. And Elizabeth it's that image you create that reminds me that we need to do what we can to make sure her education is a quality one.

  2. Your writing brought me to the morning meeting. I am glad I saw the girl dancing. Thank you.

  3. Many of us have had that little girl or little boy in our classrooms. Getting that big smile out of them is priceless. Making them want to return is our mission. Wanting them to never forget is our hope.

  4. Love your description of the little girl, music may be her outlet. Nice slice today.

  5. These events are certainly pay-off moments for parents and teachers, but I found it intriguing how you used that moment to fill your soul and thoughts with one who has challenges. A catch in your heart brings awareness to your readers.

    Thanks for a fine post--
    Elizabeth E.

  6. You made me feel those long ago days of my children having their legs wrapped around me with your words, "like a monkey". Thinking of the joy this little girl experienced today. :)