Friday, March 18, 2011


Spring has begun and I can't help but start to think about Summer. This winter had me huddled inside bundled up in big bulky sweaters, chasing my boys due to the stir-craziness, or shoveling snow by the load fulls. You would think that all that shoveling would sluff off the pounds but my body had other plans. Now the snow is melting and the outdoors are screaming for me to dig out my running shoes and get moving. My dog will be thankful for the walks as well. The exercise is not the's finding the time and eating healthy.

I'm not a bad eater. I love my fruits and veggies, but also love the dreaded CARBS! Bum bum bum! How I can resist that perfect roll, all delicately raised, steam rising from it, and butter dripping through the sides? Time to change my cravings, dig out the tuna and lettuce for some roll-ups, put the shorts out as a reminder of the goal at hand, and get those shoes dusted off and ready to roll. Let the work begin!


  1. I know where you're coming from in regard to carbs--my enemy because I love them!!!! Breads, and pastas are my favorite. I'm short and have a family history of plumpness--voila!--hardly any carbs for me!!! Good luck with your rolling! I enjoyed your "very" slice of life!

  2. It is sort of like we become slugs all bundled up during the winter, then time for the shorts & tank tops, & oh my. . . It sounds like you are very resolved to change the habits. I like those dreaded carbs too, so you're not alone!