Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saving the Arts

I was treated to a wonderful date with my two boys last night. We ate a quick dinner and piled into the car to meet some friends to see the local High School's performance of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I've always admired the school from afar. It's an older brick building with a bell tower and huge white pillars. It looks like it couldn't have been put in a Gone with the Wind type daytime movie. I was excited to get a quick peak at the school but was not expecting too much out of the performance. I've been to many musicals in large cities so my expectations were not high...boy was this a mistake.

When you enter the front of the building, you are walking right towards the "theatre." We got balcony seats and walked up the stairs to get to our spot. For starters, I've never seen a balcony like this in a school. When you walked in, there were red cushioned seats, a high box ceiling with intricate designs. It was like walking into a theatre that was solely made for performances. I was already getting excited.

The orchestra came out and started to warm up. The boys started to get excited at the familiar tunes that reverberated off the walls. Then the lights blinked, signaling the last stretch before the performance. The lights were darkened and the performance began. The actors were perfectly cast and their voices sent off goosebumps on my arms. They were REALLY good! But it wasn't your typical high school performance. They had wires rigged so the characters could fly. The costumes were exquisite and interactive. The lights changed and blinked, the smoke billowed from behind the curtains. My mouth was open in awe as I watched these amazing performers and I was taken into the story.

Teaching primary grades, I don't get to see how much the arts influence students. But this, well, this opened my eyes wide. There was a stage full of young adults who had a passion for the arts and you could tell how important it was to them. There are so many things in need to saving right now in the realm of education. What goes and what stays? It is such a do we take away things from children that spark their inner being? That influence who they will become as adults. I'm SO glad that the arts stayed at this High School because the performance was amazing and my boys were intrigued well past their bedtime. An inspired moment was had by all.
The phone picture is horrible but it gives
you an idea of how big the performance
was and the beauty of the building.


  1. Oh, I hope that the arts don't go. I hope that those in power can try to understand how important they are, to every part of learning. I liked that you described all the bits that seem important in this school. I bet they & the drama department would love your post.

  2. I'm going to see our sophomore open the show at her high school tonight - A Chorus Line...I can't wait!