Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Silk Wanted!

Every child has their special toy or blanket that never leaves their side. My boys are no exception. I knew this before I had my boys and tried to get them attached to toys that I thought were cute and adorable. Yeah, I quickly learned that it doesn't work that way. It's almost like the toy chooses the child...or at least that's how it worked for us.

My husband is a huge Huskies fan so he quickly put husky toys in my son's hand. I was not happy about this and tried to put the cute cow and giraffe toy in T's hand. No such luck, my husband had too much influence on this match. T loved his Nook and carried it everywhere. When teething time rolled around, T would chew on Nook's nose. I was worried about the hard plastic nose, but it never stayed in place for long. T would knaw it off and quickly spit it out. No pacifiers or thumbs for us. Being the prepared parents, we hopped on Ebay and ordered 2 dozen of these wonderful husky dogs so we wouldn't have to worry about losing this valued best friend. A little overboard, yes, but we weren't taking any chances. Nook #1 would start to smell like sour milk, so we would throw him into the wash for his bath and would take out Nook #2. We thought that we were SO wise but T always knew which one was his valued friend. After awhile, they all started to look the same but T always knew which Nook was his #1 man. He would slide his pinky finger between the gnarled off nose and if it fit snuggly, it was Nook #1. T has grown but has not grown apart from Nook. He is still a valued member of our family.

When J came around, we were prepared for everything and anything. I was hoping that we would stay away from huskies though. J loved rubbing different textures on his cheeks to calm himself down. We had gotten a unisex silky blanket during the baby shower but I had my eye on an adorable blue dog silky blanket toy. I was shot down...AGAIN! J loved the yellow bear silk and would rub it over his face continually. The smooth texture making a crinkle sound when it would mold to his cheek. It quickly became a staple. J would go to sleep with Silk covering his face and would rub it to calm himself down. I would sneak into the room to make sure he wasn't suffocating himself and would stealthily slide it to the side. Just as quickly, he would slide it back into place...just leaving enough room to breathe. Silk has been on every car ride, store trip, doctor's visit, and travel adventure.

I tell you about these precious toys because Silk has gone missing. I would put up a reward for it but I don't think it would help. We noticed that it was missing while in the store. Thankfully it was a small store. I searched every space with the utmost care, peaking under clothing racks, under baskets, in corners. No Silk! I went to the car and checked under seats, behind car seats, under the Silk. I called the previous store we were Silk. I went back into the store and left my name and number just in case I didn't see it. I went back to the parking lot to Silk. I went back to the doctor's office and left my name and Silk. Where in the WORLD could Silk be? I feel like I'm on an episode of Where is Carmen San Diego? He is no where to be found.

I will pull out my favored blue dog silky blanket and hope that it is an acceptable replacement. I'll also be prepared to get up multiple times tonight with J looking for his "real" Silk. I'll wake up tomorrow morning and call the stores again in hopes that someone found it in passing and brought it in.

I will also have my husband search Ebay in hopes of finding a look-alike. Why didn't we go overboard the first time with this one?


  1. Any parent reading your post will identify with the worried feeling when a special toy or blanket goes missing. Good luck with your search.

  2. Yes, we all have stories of this. My grandson's favorite is a stuffed Charlie Brown. They went through 3 or 4 of them. Charlie lives in a safe place now, and although the grandson is nine, Charlie lives on a high shelf, safe from the recently acquired puppy, etc. Hope Silk is found, or a proper replacement made, very soon!

  3. Those photos are adorable! I liked the way you set up the story for the missing Silk. I do hope it shows up soon...or a replacement.