Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Surprises

Birthdays with children always seem to be extra special. My husband works late so the children were forced to wait until after a late dinner to watch mommy open her birthday presents. My amazing husband trucked my 5 and 2 year old out to the stores so they could choose their presents. Each of my boys wanted to help me open their presents so I knew who picked what. I was eager to see what my little wonders thought I might like.

My two year old is a cheese and chip kind of kid. So it was no surprise when he helped me open a crinkly package. "It's chips, it's chips...can I have some?" I couldn't help but smile from one ear to the next. My answer, "Let's wait until tomorrow since you had SO much cake."

My five year old, who is incredibly sensitive and thoughtful, surprised me. I was expecting the typical piece of clothing or stuffed animal. Not for me. With each gift came a thoughtful explanation. I got yummy smelling lotion since I'm "always itching", a thistle bird feeder since I "love to watch Grandma's hummingbirds", and a blue cover for my iPad since "I'm always on it."

My heart swelled with all the thought that was put into each gift. Little did they know that the best gift was the day they were born. Birthday surprises may come once a year, but with kids (whether they are yours or the ones in your classroom) they come every day.


  1. Happy Birthday! You write movingly and vividly about your mini-birthday party with your family, and enjoyed reading it. It's always a lovely moment when the child unfolds a little and we can glimpse the blossom within.

    Elizabeth E.

  2. What sweet little ones! Love the explanations for each gift.

  3. I love that your youngest got you chips! I just recently celebrated my birthday and I had to smile when I read about celebrating it with children. I schedule a dentist appointment (long story) for my birthday and end up treating myself to a day away from my classroom.

    Hope this year is blessed for you and your family!

  4. I wish I'd written more when my children were young. There were so many precious moments that slip by. Treasure your time, and write often.

  5. That is a precious moment you captured. Well-told. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Welcome and happy birthday! I'm glad you are joining us for the challenge. I looked forward to slicing with you this month.
    Happy writing,

  7. Elizabeth,
    Happy Birthday and happy it was with your sweet family. I too love the way bloggers and journaling scrapbookers capture memories and wish that I had preserved more of the little ordinary moments. Savor these days. They do fly by! ~Theresa