Friday, March 11, 2011

My, how cartoons have changed!

I love cartoons and enjoy trying to sort out the adult humor from the kids humor (Bugs Bunny...need I say more). It's fun to see how cartoons have changed. I tend to be the parent who keeps a very close eye on what my children are watching. I carefully search the channels looking to see what is appropriate in age and content..but they have changed so much.

I was a Fraggle Rock, Smurfs, Muppets kind of kid. These were great cartoons but lacked real educational value. I am impressed by the educational cartoons that are out there right now for preschool children. I just finished watching Sid The Science Kid with my 2 year old. We learned about joints today and my little one couldn't wait to show me what he learned. "Mama, a joint", J said as he did jumping jacks across the living room. "Great buddy, can you show me a finger joint?", I said with just as much enthusiasm. "You bet, it's right here", he replied pointing to his thumb joint. We cheered together as we bent our joints. It's amazing what those little minds can gather from a 30 minute show.

I'm thankful for the encouragement these shows give to learning. We always talk about what we've learned after watching a quick show together. My mind even begins to wonder as I think about how great these tools would be in the classroom. Who hasn't thought about using Between the Lions in the classroom? I already use clips from School House can I use these great cartoons to help my children without misusing valuable teaching time? Things to ponder as I contemplate how to make each moment in the classroom more productive and fun then that last.

Which cartoons yell to you, "use me in your classroom"?


  1. Technology can aide our teaching. The music and visuals bring to life what our words try to convey. Glad you shared your special moment. :)MaryHelen

  2. I know what you mean--there is so much good stuff out there right now that one challenge if trying to figure out what is or isn't a good use of time at school, which bits to use and how, etc.
    Glad you are thinking about this and slicing about it. It will get others thinking too!

  3. I feel really out of it - I really don't even know what kinds of children's programming is out there any more - even though I teach preschoolers. But I do think a lot about what the digital world can bring to my students.