Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Reading

I just love when I get the chance to snuggle up with my boys with some good books. We were behind this week in our library book reading so we did a little extra catching up. There were some hidden gems that must join my reading collection. I thought that I would share a few.

Hide and Squeak
by Heather Vogel Frederick
Illustrated by C.J. Payne

To start, the illustrations in this book are phenomenal. Such a talented artist. The story is adorable as well. Mom and Dad try to wrangle their little mouse for bedtime. It has a wonderful rhyme that I ended up singing while reading. A great bedtime story for little ones.

By Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by Keith Bendis

A wonderful story about a bird who gets caught up in the joys of reading. He misses out on learning to fly but saves his family because of the time spent in the library.

I can see using this at the beginning of the year to start my reading block. Teaching kids that reading is more then making your teacher happy. It's getting caught up in the story and being taken away to another place. A must have!

Tuck Me In!
By Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt

The perfect bedtime story for your little ones. It is also the perfect book for your emergent reader because of the predictable, repetitive language throughout the book. My boys enjoyed using the flip pages to tuck in all of the animals. This would be a great book to expand upon. What animal would you like to tuck into bed?

The Desperate Dog Writes Again
By Eileen Christelow

A hilarious book that is a must for all beginning writing teachers. I'll be adding this one to my writer's book box. Emma, the dog narrator, tries to save her owner from getting "kidnapped" by another human. Emma writes an advice columnist named Queenie to get suggestions on what to do. An adventure ensues that has every reader giggling.

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