Monday, September 26, 2011

Hair Tinsel

I am teaching 3rd grade this year and can't help but find humor in the things that come our of their mouths. I have a group of strong personalities which lead to some entertaining discussions and exhausting days. Here is just a glance into an average day.
I have been trying to use picture books to introduce some CAFE strategies in our classroom. This is very successful if I can just get them to stop blurting out their connections mid-story. They have wonderful things to share but I'd like to actually hear them all.

I was in the middle of an engaging page when one of my sweethearts blurts out:

"Mrs. G, do you have tinsel in your hair?"

Now, for those of you who don't know...tinsel is actually put into peoples hair as decoration. It's actually very cute looking...I have been considering getting them for my 4 year old niece.

I was surprised at this outburst but was not surprised by the mouth it came out of.

"No, I don't have tinsel in my hair...WHY?", I asked with true disbelief in my tone.

"Because you have silver glittery stuff in your hair.", she replied without hesitation.

The light bulb began to glow over my head as my cheeks began to turn a bright shade of crimson. This was not happening to me.

"Oh sweetie", I replied in my sweetest teacher voice, "those would be grey hairs. Grown-ups get those when they have kids and in moments like this." I couldn't help but smile and give a slight giggle at this embarrassing moment.

"Well, it's really glittery!", she replied without an ounce of sarcasm or judgement.

How can you not smile a little? At least she thought these glittery hairs were trendy. Am I missing something?

I went to check out these silver, glittery tinsel strands in my hair during recess. The mirror revealed that they needed to be removed....IMMEDIATELY. Dark hair and "silver tinsel" just don't go together. Maybe I need to trend up a bit and add some red tinsel to my hair...something to ponder.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bump, Crash, Meow!

Scratch.....thump, thump! What in the world is going on?

Since my dog had surgery, I've been holding down the couch at night. She is much better and doesn't really need me there, but I'd hate to missing if she needs me....that, and my couch is super comfy. The downfall is that I hear every creak and crash that occurs in my home. Here's just a taste from last night.

I took Sasha out for her quick potty break before settling in for the night. Blankets are wrapped around my cold tootsies, neck is thoroughly covered up, and eyes are quickly getting heavy. The school year has begun and I've already got the sore throat and headache that seems to follow the start of every year.


Eyes open to find my dog happily grinding her teeth on a rawhide. Eyes close again.

Crunch! Crunch!

Cats turn to chow his food. Eyes close...think happy thoughts of chirping birds and waterfalls.

Scratch! Thump, thump!

Now what? I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness in the room. The dog is softly snoring next to me, all four legs reaching towards the sky, and her front paws twitching. That wasn't the sound. My eyes scan for the cat.....there!

Mow, mow! (think Siamese sounds) SCRATCH!

I slowly ease my body off the couch to get a better look. THWACK! My cat is launching himself at the sliding glass door. Just what I need, a cat with issues. As I get closer, I start to see objects skittering across the glass. Long legged, flying critters are ramming into my sliding glass door. My cat has been trying to attach bugs through the glass like a guard kitty. I am thankful for the bug repellent but wish that he could do his job more like a Navy Seal.

Once again, I settle into my nest on the welcoming couch. Maybe sleep will be in my future...or maybe not.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tree Diver

It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Washington. The pool was uncovered and warming, the sliding glass door was open and a cool breeze was working its way through the screen. I was busily making lunch when I heard my son start to yell "Mama, mama look!" I quickly whipped my head around. "Mama, it's a's a squirrel!" My eyes never seem to focus fast enough but today they were like the automatic focus on my camera.

My eyes blurred from looking at the big picture of my yard to a crisp focus on the branch of our cherry tree. This was not the petite squirrel that our dog had treed several times in the past. This squirrel has been padding himself in preparation for the winter. As he stiffened his body, I watched the branch flex and spring to life. The plump critter flew a foot from one tree branch to the next. Our plum tree is not as sturdy as our cherry and it gave out under the pressure. The fluffy squirrel touched ground on this landing but quickly scurried to his new resting place further up the tree.

I giggled while I watched our new guest. His grace was lacking in his landing....he may have underestimated the strength of our tree's branch. After grooming himself, he worked his way to the ground. My camera skills were not fast enough but I followed him as he inspected the rest of our yard.

Settling under our apple trees, he took a lunch break. All of that bounding from trees must have worked up an appetite.

It's been a long time since we've been able to see wildlife in our backyard. I guess there are perks to having a recovering dog. I'll enjoy these moments for the next few months and then the critters will get their back on duty, time to leave the premises.