Friday, February 28, 2014

Milestones (1//31)

MILESTONES...the firsts that come and go throughout our lives. As a grown-up and mom of three incredible children, I tend to cherish these moments a little more. 

A year ago today, I wrote about one of the many milestones in my life...the birth of my daughter. She has blessed me with several firsts throughout this year. Last weekend we celebrated another one. 

Her first birthday!

I guess that I should start by stating that I have two boys who are 8 and 5 years old. I love having boys and relished in the dirt covered clothes, Thomas trains, and the loud crashing noises that assured me they were still alive and breathing. Having a little girl has been a completely different experience though. 

I am not a big pink fact, I'll do anything I can do avoid it. Finding first birthday supplies for a girl is impossible unless you want pink. So I bit the bullet and went all out in the pink department. We had a pink tutu, pink decorations, pink wrapping paper, pink gifts, and even a pink cake. My house was an advertisement for Pepto Bismol. 

My little lady was in her glory and beamed at everyone. She knew that today was her day to be the center of attention. Who are we kidding? She is ALWAYS the center of attention, but I digress. 

My favorite part of a first birthday is the cake smashing. The neat freak in me cringes at the thought of buttery icing speared over clothes, appendages, and furniture. The photographer in me loves capturing the runaway cake pieces that leap to their impending doom. My little lady was no exception to the rule. 

Her little sausage links carefully sank into the cotton candy layer of icing. Then the demolishing began. My boys tore out chunks of cake....oh, not this one. She went for a whole layer. Godzilla reached in and tore the top layer off her cake and giggled with absolute glee. This was easily the best game that she had ever played before. Thankfully the game was short lived and my buttery, icing covered girl was ready to play in the sink. 

Another milestone has been put into the books. I wish that there was a way to slow them down. I'll do my best to capture them in pictures, video, and ingrain them into my brain to the best of my ability. I'm cherishing each moment, knowing that it will only happen once for the first time.....milestones!