Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knuffle Bunny

My boys and I were lucky enough to snag tickets to see Knuffle Bunny: a cautionary musical. We have been reading the books since they came out and the boys even own their own Knuffle Bunny.

I like to surprise my kids but figured that this particular event deserved a little more prep then normal. The last few days, we have been rereading the Knuffle Bunny stories and digging a little deeper into them. We made connections to our special toys and shared stories of misplacing them...often. So last night, after reading the most recent story, I told the kids about our morning surprise to see the play. My boys have been to Shrek and Lion King, so they are experienced theatre boys. They were beside themselves with excitement and could not wait.

I have NEVER been to this theatre so we left early, in the snow, so we could get there in plenty of time for mom to get lost. And lost we got; I found a parking garage and attempted to find the theatre on my own. I'm not afraid to ask directions, so I confronted a few strangers and asked where to go. They each gave me different directions. We walked the same street three times in two different directions with freezing winds trying to hold us back. My youngest looked at me with watery eyes and said, "Can we go home and watch Mickey Mouse, its cold." Thank goodness we left early. We arrived in plenty of time and had front row mezzanine seats. Aah, what a view!

The show was adorable and followed the first book perfectly. There were black and white back drops that were probably taken straight from the book. We listened carefully to the songs and giggled through each one. The boys sat on the edge of their seats, legs dangling, and fingers twitching in anticipation. Another Mo Willems friend appeared during the show, and that was a wonderful treat. The boys belly laughed numerous times and my youngest clutched his Knuffle Bunny close to his chest throughout the show. What a wonderful moment and yet another treasured memory.

FYI: I've always pronounced Knuffle Bunny with a silent K. I learned today that you are supposed to pronounce the K...according to Mr. Willems himself.


  1. I think the Dutch pronounce their K's but Mr. Willems sometimes Americanizes it when he reads his story aloud. I hope the show comes to my area. I would love to go see it.
    Sorry you got lost. I have found it is a normal part of any trip I take.

  2. I've never heard of the Knuffle Bunny--will have to google it in Amazon. Your children will never forget going to this theatre production--memories!!!