Friday, March 4, 2011


I love listening to my little one contort words to fit his own language. I know that I should be correcting him but I can't help myself...some of them are so catchy and unique. My oldest would say mun instead of moon. So sweet! My grandmother still talks about how adorable he sounded when we read "Goodnight Moon." Well my little man has his word now too.

J is a busy 2 year old who fits the description of little boy. He jumps before thinking, climbs (A LOT), throws, crashes cars, makes believe, rough houses, and shatters the windows when he's angry. He has another side though. He is a cuddler and uses it to feel comforted and to manipulate. Both of these happened in a short span of 40 minutes.

Nap time happens at the same time everyday. My son has his internal clock set to half an hour before this time. This is designated as 'nuggle time. The time that we curl up in the big oversize chair with a cozy blanket, his silk, and Bink. He fits perfectly in my curled up lap like an oversize comma. His head lays on my heart and we watch our designated cartoon together. I treasure this moment and look forward to it everyday. It's the moment that I can freeze time and keep my son young. His heart beat slows and I think "maybe he'll fall asleep and I'll have an excuse to stay here holding him in my arms." He squeezes my fingers with his little sausage links and then begins to pat mine. What a prefect moment. The cartoon comes to a close and I announce that it is nap time. The big grey, green eyes stare up at me and soften. "More 'Nuggles Pulease!" The golden moment is over and the manipulation begins. It's not all bad though...maybe just a few minutes longer.


  1. Awwww. I love this. I also love the words that little ones make on their own or how they phrase things. This one is perfect. You did a great job of creating the moment "Curled up in my lap like an oversized comma..." Nice image!

  2. Dear Elizabeth,
    With this writing you have almost managed to "freeze time." You have written with detail and emotion that will help you to connect back to this moment. It also brings memories to all other mothers who read it.

  3. Don't worry about the manipulation -- enjoy every second of those "nuggles" -- they get few and far between faster than you can imagine!

  4. I remember these days. I rocked and held my last child far more than the first three, knowing how finite these moments are. Lovely post about a slice of time between a mother and son.

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Your descriptions are so perfect (sausage fingers)! Loved the moment you captured.

  6. Nuggle time sounds lovely - what a sweet ritual!