Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monster Hide-and-Seek

I get joy out of watching my husband play with our boys. There is something about watching a man cherish his children that warms my heart. Last night was the perfect example.

My husband works insane hours but always makes time to spend some "guy time" with his boys. Yesterday was no exception.

The boys know that dad is home when they hear the garage door begin to creak open. You can hear the elephant stomps as the boys pound downstairs yelling, "Dad's home, dad's home!" A smile automatically appears on my face as I watch my husband scoop each child up  like a sack of potatoes. Well yesterday, he decided to scare the kids. He quietly snuck into the bathroom and jumped out to surprise the boys. Boo! My oldest said, "You didn't scare me!" While my youngest squealed like a little girl and opened his arm to get some dad hugs.

The game continued for the next hour as they searched for their dad. My youngest had me giggling and reminiscing though. When my husband started to chase him, he got that excited/scared laugh. You know...the one where you are having a wonderful time but secretly you are petrified at what is happening. I laughed out loud because I remember making that same giggle when my dad used to chase me around the house. The highlight reel ran through my head as I watched. I loved the game but my little heart would pound in terror at the possibility that it may be a monster, and not my dad, who found me.

Such a magical moment. I wish every day could be like this.


  1. What a great story and memory! It is so much fun to watch kids and dads at play. I loved the part when the littlest screamed like a little girl, I could just hear that echoing in my head. I agree with your last line whole heartedly!

  2. What a great slice to write about. I am sure that when your boys have grown and you share this with them, it will bring a smile to their faces.

  3. I am now blessed in seeing my sons play with their children. It's a very good feeling of they know love.

  4. And now, many more years later, I watch my sons play with their boys. The rough-housing is a terrific romp for all three: the big boy-now-a-Dad, and his two young sons. The exuberance in the room is so thick, you could cut it with a knife and serve it up on a plate--wonderful!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. I love how you connected the day's events with your own memories of something similar.

  6. Elizabeth --
    Kudos for capturing the sound of your son's laughter. It is difficult to capture sound, but you seem to do it effortlessly.

  7. I love how you discribed a laugh that showed how the kids were both scared and delighted. And I love the little flashback at the end. Your piece flowed so nicely. Very fun to read. :)