Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Tornadoes

I have a confession...I'm a bit of a neat freak. It has it's perks and negative qualities. My house is usually neat and tidy but I tend to get panic attacks when it gets cluttered. Having two young boys doesn't help the situation any.

Yesterday I decided that I would sift through the messy playroom and kids room. It really is a quick and easy process since we have TONS of bins and cubbies to put things in. I tried to set it up easily so the boys could take care of it on their own. No such luck. They put things away for a short amount of time and then decide that it's too much of a hassle...super mom will fly in to the rescue eventually. 

I made a last sweep through the rooms before climbing into bed last night. There was the occasional Lego that stabbed my toe like an army soldier, and the lone Little Person who someone managed to escape her tub. It's like a scene from Toy Story. I was woken this morning by little feet padding down the stairs to devour a morsel of breakfast. I made a quick trip to the boys room to gather their clothes for the new day and discovered a disaster of epic proportion...a tornado MUST have blown through their room while I was sleeping. The covers, pillows, and toys were tossed around the room, books look like they had been pulled from their shelves and tossed like a javelin. I guess it's another day of cleaning. Thankful our time together is well worth it...maybe we'll reenact the cleaning scene from Mary Poppins today.


  1. Elizabeth,
    I like the bit about stepping on legos - many a lego have stabbed my toes (not as a mother, but as a child). Also your description of their messy room is priceless. As I read "a tornado MUST have blown through their room..." I left with a sense of awe and bewilderment. "No other explanation is possible," I think to myself.
    I hope the cleaning went well,

  2. I had my two year old granddaughter all last weekend, & actually loved the look of the family room. We have lots of toys here, & they were everywhere. I'm still finding a few little balls under the chairs & sofa. Throwing them is the latest fun! Hang onto the moments; clean rooms do not always satisfy. But-as a mom, on a daily basis, I do understand your plight, & remember that mantra to my kids, what happened here?

  3. My sister keep sending me pictures of my niece - the tornado - reminding me of the mess I will soon have to deal with everyday! You just put words to those photos...

  4. OK I must admit I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets stressed out by clutter. Perhaps its all the other things we have going on, its just one more thing to worry about all the stuff lying around.

    Friends came over the other night with their son who is about two. He literally took out every toy that we owned, and dumped it on the floor! My husband looked at me shocked at two in the morning when they left, as I trampled downstairs to clean it up... but I couldn't help it! One less thing to do Sunday Morning I guess :)