Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleep...What's that?

As a parent, you know that your kids will wake you's just part of the job description. As they get older, you hope to get more sleep. Then they become teenagers and you start the process all over again. I was prepared for all of these landmarks and welcomed them because it meant I was a mom. Little did I know that pets came with the same instruction manual.
You have read about my guilty dog but have yet to learn about my cat. I will start by stating that I have a Siamese cat...they come with their own set of rules. He is quiet for his breed and has developed his own set of characteristics. Mojo never leaves my side and slinks around behind me continuously like Peter Pan's shadow. There is no hiding from this furry child.

It had been a long day of rough housing with the kids and catching up on some much needed reading when I decided to turn in for the night. The nightly routine was performed and I snuggled in under my heated blanket. Aaah! My eyes had barely grazed when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.  My secret agent signal to lift the covers so Mojo could take his place under the warm comforter. I did my duty and snuggled back in. Not 5 minutes later, he decided that it was not rest time, but time to saunter off and get a midnight snack. In no time, the signal was given again. I was determined to not give into his request of under cover warmth. I ignored my signal and went into a deeper sleep. Not to be outdone, I felt claws comb through my hair. He was starting to cross the line but I would not give in. Then it happened...he lifted the comforter with his teeth and paws and entered the hideout. Of course by this point, I was awake and had to start the sleeping process all over. He's lucky I enjoy him as my warm, furry lap buddy.


  1. Enjoyed that immensely! How can anyone not love a cat???

  2. A lack of sleep doesn't bother me too much. . .that's what I wrote about to day. Sharing my bed with a cat would not be my favorite. He's one lucky cat to have you. He wouldn't have made it into my house :)