Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Heroes Away!

It all started with a silk!
It all started with my little one and his silk. They are inseparable and the moment silk started to become a cape, I knew it was time for me to get busy. J started to use silk as a superhero cape a few weeks ago. He would raise one hand up in the air and yell "Super Hewo!" Were did this superhero passion come from? I don't know, but I am tickled pink to oblige his request to become a 2-year-old super hero.

I am in no way a handy lady with the sewing machine but I do know someone who is. I walked into her classroom with the sweetest smile I could muster, and asked if she would be willing to sew two capes for me if I did all of the initial leg work. She quickly said yes and I did a little dance on the way out the door. Let the work begin!

Mojo did his part to help!
First step was to find a pattern that I could use without having to purchase it (the Internet is a wonderful thing). Not a problem, I found Puking Pastilles amazing pattern and got to work. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist so it took some time to find the perfect fabric and get the applique just right. The boys eagerly watched as I carefully cut the pieces out and ironed each section so it would be perfect for my little heroes.

The end result is a happy boy
and an adorable cape!
After all the prep was done, I carefully put the pieces into a Ziploc bag and delivered it to my dear friend. The very next day, she delivered our masterpieces. My little one hasn't spent a second without his SuperJ cape. He rubs the silky side on his cheek and soars through the house with BOTH hands up in the air, yelling "I'm a Super hewo, SuperJ!" I can't help but beam at his excitement in this small endeavour.

Now if I can just keep him from jumping off of things, life will be perfect. I can't wait for his brother to get home so I can deliver his too. What a great St. Patty's Day surprise.

                                           Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


  1. What fun! Kids love being the hero. Sounds like your boys are the super heroes of your life. Love the phrase "tickled pink to oblige" - made me smile. More adventures ahead. :)MaryHelen

  2. How cute! Your excitement of making the capes a reality oozes through the writing. Love the helpful cat! Fun super hero times are ahead!

  3. Too adorable! There just isn't anything comparable to a child's imagination and verve for life. I love the pictures you've posted with the story. It breathes a different kind of life into the post. So glad they have their capes and can save their worlds. Enjoy watching them imagine!