Monday, March 31, 2014

SOL Reflection (31/31)

I had a lot of time to think and reflect today. Today was the first day of my Spring Break and the second day of my baby girl being sick. I forgot how miserable and heartbreaking it can be to watch your 1 year old be sick. You are limited on what you can give them and how you can help. My little lady is not much of a cuddler and wanted nothing to do with slowing down today. She stumbled over her toys and was exhausted all day. Poor baby!

While I tried to comfort my sweet girl, I took time to reflect on this years Slice of Life challenge. This year was a struggle for me to put quality writing down. Why? My life is just as hectic as it normally is. Why was this year so much harder? I pondered this question all day and wasn't satisfied with any answer I could give. 

I'm finding that free time is becoming less and less as my boys get older. Sports take up more time, homework needs to be reviewed and talked about, those quick picture books at bedtime are now replaced with longer chapters, and nighttime routines just take longer. Having a little one in the house requires me to be on my toes and to be cleaning up small toys often. I love how busy my life has become but my writing time has suffered. My days of jotting down a post and saving it to review later are long gone. I used to go back to my writing and add descriptive details before hitting that orange publish button. 

What I've learned? There are small pockets during my day that could be used better. I need to take these moments to foster my writing. It helps me reflect on my many blessings and it also helps me be a better teacher. 

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge. I look forward to having richer writing next year. 

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