Monday, March 10, 2014

Proud Mama (11/31)

It feels like just yesterday that I was having my first child. I look at my little man and wonder where the time has gone. He is now a big third grader and quickly approaching his 9th birthday. 

On Friday, we had our school assembly where my second graders performed on stage. What I didn't share was that my son earned an award as well. Each month, teachers are asked to nominate 4 students who have stood out as being outstanding citizens and hard workers in and out of the classroom. Usually children earn one award a year with a select few earning more than one. 

My son earned his second award this year and I am so very proud of him. 

I like to keep things a surprise from my children because I enjoying watching the wonder and excitement on their face when they put the pieces together. Seeing as T has already received an award, he had no idea that he would be an award winner at the assembly. 

After my second graders sang, the principal took the stage to read the award winners from each classroom. Each teacher gives a Soaring Eagle, Thoughtful Student, Awesome Achiever, and a Super Citizen Award to a student in their classroom.

 I quietly shuffled down the stage stairs so I would be able to see him receive his award. I nestled myself in between two other parents and waited patiently for his teachers name to be called. 

"And from Mrs. A's classroom...T!" 

His mouth dropped open and his cheeks turned a few shades of pink before settling on a mild shade of red. He slowly stood up and met his teachers smile. A smirk slowly crept onto his face as his teacher finally reached him. She reached out her hand to give T his award. She opened up the award (it's in a folded card format) and read him a few words from the inside. He carefully took the card from her and read the words again. Then his eyes slowly raised and began to search the room. Our eyes met and a huge smile filled his face. My eyes got a little misty and my face hurt from the huge smile plastered on my face. 

I will never get tired of these moments. As much as I hate time going by so quickly, I love watching my son succeed in life and I can't wait to continue to watch his journey. I am such a blessed mom. 


  1. The time slips through our fingers like water. I love how you described his search for you in the crowd. It feels so good to know they want us to be part of their moment, in the moment.

  2. Your description of his acceptance of the award is lovely. I feel like I was in the room with you. When his eyes searched the room, I knew you would be misty! I was too!