Thursday, March 13, 2014

Contact Numbers (13/31)

Today I learned the importance of having a contact number for your spouse. Normally I just email him at work. I figure that he is probably as busy as I I don't want to call unless it's an emergency. And those type of things never happen right? 

After dropping off the boys, I quickly hustled down to get a new ID card. I had made an appointment and was prepared for an in-and-out process. 

I was a little over 30 minutes early when I arrived but figured that was never a bad thing. The waiting room was empty and my little miss and I were quickly ushered back. 

The lady typed things into the computer and then asked me if my husband had filled out his paper work for the process (military ID renewal). I told her that I assumed he did since he scheduled the appointment for me. A few clicks later and she informed me that they didn't have the paperwork in their system but that my husband could take care of it from work. 

Not a problem, I broke out my Blackberry and zipped him a quick email with an attached picture of the form he needed to fill out. What did we ever do without technology? 

Then I waited 
                   and waited
                                   and waited some more. 
                                                                    Almost 40 minutes later and no reply. 
                                                                                              Guess that he was working...go figure.

I sadly walked out of the waiting room after letting the lady know that I hadn't gotten a reply.  I guess that we'll be trying again tomorrow. 

A hard lesson learned on making sure that you have contact information for your spouse. I'll be putting his work number into my phone asap.  

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  1. I can feel your pain. My phone was broken for three days and by the end of the third I was about crazy without it.