Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dancing Machine (18/31)

It doesn't take much to make my little girl shimmy and shake. 

It starts from the hairs on the tippy top of her head and travels all the way to the tips of her toes. 

First, the head begins to shake from side to side. I have flashbacks to "A Night and the Roxbury." 

The bobble head motion quickly jumps down to her hips where she channels her inner Shakira. The tempo gets faster and faster. 

This quick motion usually requires her to hold on to something sturdy and strong. Keeping your balance is hard when you're shaking everything up like a blender. 

Next is my favorite part....the legs and feet. First she lifts up her knees and slams her feet into the ground. One foot after the next. She is commanding everyones attention. After a few stomps, she rises up onto her little toes. The makings of a little ballerina can be seen. The process is repeated several times in the same order. 

After giggling for a bit, I realize that she has stopped dancing. Then I realize that there is no longer any music.....the commercial has ended. Back to playing with the toys until the next advertisement with music. 

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