Friday, March 14, 2014

Sleeping Bleuty (14/31)

I am easily THE animal lover in our house. I do everything in my power to not disturb sleeping animals and feel the need to let them know that they are loved on a continual basis. My husband laughs at me and thinks that I am ridiculous when I scrunch up in an awkward position so I don't disturb the sleeping cat when I get out of bed. 

Today, the boys were all at hockey which left me and the little lady at home to prepare dinner and tidy up the house a bit. My husband had done plenty of cleaning during the day today, so I tried to enjoy some time with my little girl. 

Um...not happening. Someone was super cranky and needed a little nap. I carried my little angel up to bed, prepared for a fight. She curled right in, snuggled her bunny, and closed her eyes. Mommy success!

I went downstairs to look through Pinterest for some dinner was time for something new. My bottom hadn't hit the chair before the cat was on my lap. Normally Bleu isn't interested in sleeping until mid-day or super late...this was a little early for him. I crossed my legs, making the best possible crook for him to sleep in and began searching. 

A rumble shook my legs like a mini earthquake. 

I averted my eyes for a moment so I could scratch behind his ears. A few pets later and the clock was yelling at me to get dinner started. Just a few more scratches. 

A swear that a pigeon swooped in, threw my cat off my lap, and nestled into the nest that had formed on my lap. I couldn't help but give a second look to the furball nestled on my legs. Yes, it was Bleu...content as could be and purring/snoring like a pigeon. 

He's my little Sleeping Bleuty!

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