Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 Conferences (25/31)

We are on day 2 of conference week and my co-teacher and I have met with 20 families. We will finish up tomorrow. My brain is exhausted and I think that I may be sound asleep on the couch as soon as my body is hugged by the soft cushions. Here is a spewing of what is on my mind. 

20 second grade families

Giggles over silly mistakes and fun stories

Growth and strengths shared

Struggles discussed and goals set

Serious behavior conversations have been had

Reassurances that grade level targets will be met

Tools shared on how to help children be successful

Celebrations over growth and past goals being met

Smiling families leaving

Exhausted teachers dragging bags home

The life of a teacher can be challenging at times but rewarding in so many ways. I love and dread conferences. I love sharing successes and fun stories. I love letting families know that I've taken time to truly know and appreciate their child. I hate being the barer of bad news and having to point out areas of concern. It breaks my heart for children to see a grade they don't want....but we get to set goals to change those areas. 1/3 of the year is left and I plan on sharing more successes before summer. 

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  1. I know the conference night drag very well. It's a long day even though it's rewarding. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly. I love the idea of the cushions hugging you! I've had that feeling many a time!