Thursday, March 6, 2014

You Forgot Something (7/31)

The second graders will be performing on stage tomorrow. I have been working with our readers for a couple weeks now and was so excited to watch them do their dress rehearsal today. 

We had 30 minutes to practice in the gym with 10 minutes left to pack up our supplies back in the classroom. The music teacher was fine tuning the song with the children when a bell rang. I leaned over to look at the clock. Yes, that was the go home bell. I quickly rounded up my class and tried to swim upstream against the children heading out the door to go home. 

I stood by my classroom door supervising children as they collected their things and half-hazardly shoved them into their backpacks. When most children were ready, I ushered them out the door. On a normal day, I give high fives or hugs after they answer an exit question. Sometimes it's a Spanish word, a fact they have learned, or the answer to one of our learning targets for the day. Today, I just reminded them to be at school a little early with their Seahawks gear on. (We are in charge of talking about goals at the assembly. We are using the Seattle Seahawks as our inspiration for talking about persevering to achieve your goals) 

I was down to my last kiddo when he forgot to pack up his glasses. I patiently waited while my foot began to nervously tap. We were awfully late making it out to the buses and I was supposed to be on bus duty. With a smile, I waved my little guy out to the door and reminded him to bring his singing voice tomorrow. I was almost out the door for bus duty when I heard a little voice call out my name. 

I quickly whizzed around and opened the door. My little guy stood there with his coat half on and half off, his backpack clinging to his arm in hopes of not falling off, and a panicked look on his face. 

"Hey buddy, what's up?" 

"I didn't get my hug!"

My heart about melted right there. I leaned over and gave him a big bear hug and wished him a great night. These are the moments that remind me why I love this job so much. This little boy started the year crying and yelling about everything and now he's an important part of our classroom community and yet another holder of my heart. 


  1. Love this: "another holder of my heart." They hold you tight! Thanks for sharing your classroom.

  2. The end of a day rituals matter to the kids. I am glad that this child reminded you of the hug instead of walking off sad. "Holder of a heart" is a wonderful phrase.

  3. Your post helps to remind me to be patient…you never know what you get after you wait. Lovely.

  4. What a perfect way to end the day. I love the picture you wrote of this little guy waiting for his hug...reminded me of Dennis the Menace. Jackie

  5. That about melted my heart! I'm glad he had the courage to call out to you and get his hug.

  6. My own children often wonder why the toughest kids are the ones who are so special to me... the phrase "holder of my heart" is the perfect description for these special kids.

  7. This is a great reminder to slow down even in the middle of the rush to get out.