Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Outdoor Exploration (12/31)

Hockey season is quickly coming to an end and baseball season is quickly creeping up. I love both and look forward to the change in environments as my boys pack their stinky gear away for their muddy/dusty gear. 

After dinner tonight, the boys all headed outside to play catch and work on their batting. Baseball/tee-ball season starts in just a few days, so they must brush the dust off. Little miss is rubbing her eyes, tripping over imaginary rocks, and is turning on the waterworks often.I can tell that she is tired but it is too early for bedtime and too late for a nap. I take this opportunity to leave the dishes, put her shoes on and head outside. It is a beautiful Spring day. We have had terrible rain and wind storms here so we need to appreciate the sun when we can. 

After we are both bundled in light sweatshirts,  we head outside. Little miss has been outside to watch the boys play but I have always been reluctant to let her loose. Today will be her first day to explore her outdoor environment. The moment her little sneakers hit the pavement, she is off. She doesn't stop for a moment as she waddles her way down the street. I follow close behind, prepared for her first skinned knee. 

It's coming....I can see it. The knee buckles up and the shoe tip touches the ground. It's like a slow motion clip from a movie. Her body pitches forward and her knees and hands hit the ground at the same time. I am prepared for the scream but stand back to observe what is about to happen. 

She looks at her hands, rubs them on the ground a bit, and begins to situate her legs to stand up. I can't help but admire her strength and tenacity. This little fall is just a bump in her journey of her new surrounding. Once she uprights herself, she's off again...running down the road. Hands held above her shoulders and a determined look on her face. 

I love how we can go from cranky, tired waddler one moment to triumphant explorer the next. Our routine may be in flux right now but I will continue to enjoy mixing it up to keep her happy. 

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  1. Your toddlers explorations put a smile on my face this morning! Precious!