Saturday, March 8, 2014

Grant (9/31)

I was in the middle of working with a guided reading group when my door creaked open. I didn't think twice about it and neither did my children. We went about our business sounding out words and listening to make sure that they made sense. The rest of my class chugged along with their noses in books or pencils purposefully putting their ideas into their notebooks. 

Uh hem! 

I looked up to find our librarian/tech liaison with a handful of colorful tools in her hand. She smiled at me, reached out her arms, and said, "You got the grant...these just came in." My heart stopped for a moment and then did a little skip jump. 

I could have done a happy dance...I did do a happy dance. I couldn't believe that it had worked. 

 I wrote a grant for 5 iPad minis around Christmas time. I have so many things I want to use them for but the main purpose is to enrichment my kiddos learning in reading (I am teaching part time this year so my main focus is reading and writing). I want to be able to reach my struggling readers while I'm with a group, as well as challenge my high readers.

I should be working on report cards right now but I am searching for appropriate apps to use on Monday. We have already gone over the rules of using iPads safely and everyone took a contract home to sign, stating that they will follow all of the rules. I am so incredibly excited and so are they. 

We have 4 computers in our classroom, but the looks I got when I lifted up these new tools. It was as if Santa had made an extra trip to our classroom. Their eyes lit up at the chance of getting to play with these new tools....even my reluctant readers. I'm looking forward to finding another fun way to engage my class and excite them about learning even more. 

Let the fun begin!

* If anyone reads this and wants to share some good  reading/phonics/writing apps for below and above 2nd grade....I love to hear your suggestions. Thank you!


  1. Congratulations! All your hard work paid off. Your excitement jumps out all over the page.

  2. Congrats to you! I use 5 iPads in my room: my own, school issued and one from a grant. They are a blessing during our literacy block. My kids are doing great things with them in reading accuracy, fluency, and now we are working on comprehension activities. Grants are hard work but the payoff is big when you get them.

  3. Congratulations!!! It always seems like other people get things. It is wonderful when you get to be one of them.

  4. Wonderful! Your excitement is contagious!

  5. Hurray for you! I love iPads and so do my students. My co-teacher and I were very blessed to get a set of 22 iPad 4s to use between us this year. Originally we had planned to try and write a grant. However, when we approached our superintendent to get assistance in locating some appropriate grants she volunteered that she would get us some if we would agree to collect data and then present to the board in the spring. iPads sold!
    I work with 6th graders but here are a few apps that might be applicable to your kiddos.
    Edmodo- lets you set up assignments that they can share with each other and comment on in an online format. I have my students use this as a journal response.
    Flow Free-logical thinking as they try to connect dots (trickier than it appears)
    Jog Nog - Quizzes for Common Core curriculum
    Phonics genius - great for word families - they can read the words or listen to them being read
    Good luck and enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much for the great suggestions. I can't wait to check them out and then introduce them to my kiddos.

  6. Congratulations! You are going to love them. We have 5 in our classroom and they are awesome.