Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Has Arrived (24/31)

Conference week started today. The blue skies taunted me from my window. The warm heat from the sun warmed my shoulders as it snuck through my blinds. After my last conference, I ran into the sunlight to quickly pick up my children. The cardigan that was keeping me warm inside was quickly peeled off and found a spot on the passenger seat next to me. 

When we got home, we all headed outside. The warm weather will quickly be disappearing and will be replaced by rain. This may be my last shot for the week to capture our beautiful NW Spring days. 

I gathered up some props to bring outside in hopes that I might be able to capture the perfect picture of my little lady. My feet hadn't touched the warm deck before I turned right around. The leftover piles of grass from my husband's mowing job warned me to not approach the lawn without something on my feet. 

This was the first time A had been on the grass with barefeet since she was just a newborn. She is now walking and giggled as the cool grass tickled her toes. She carefully maneuvered around the lawn and the rugged terrain. 

With one plop, her hands hit the remnants from our lawn's haircut. The wonderment in her eyes was a sight to behold. She rubbed the little blades between her fingers. I crouched down to get the perfect picture. Click!

Sneeze! Sneeze!

She was back on her feet and maneuvering the lawn like a pro. Taking pictures has become interesting since she's become mobile. I'm a little slow on the trigger finger. Click! Snap! Click! Snap!

Rub! Rub! 

Her confidence grew as we spend more time outside. The unsure feet that collapsed on the lawn moments ago were now toddling from one corner to the next. 

Itch! Itch!

My little lady beckoned me to follow her. Little by little, her shape began to blurr in front of my eyes. Spring is surely here and my allergies are in full affect. Time to head in for the day and come out again after Mommy has taken some Sudafed or Benedryll. 


  1. So sorry you have to deal with this! You got some beautiful pictures though! She's so precious!

  2. Ok Elizabeth I think it has been a while since I have visited you...I have no idea how I have missed that you now have a beautiful baby girl! She is adorable, and your boys are so grown up. I love the pictures (and the green grass) but know how you feel about the sneezing, I can't even drive by a lawn being mowed without sneezing!

    1. Thank you Tammy! It has been such a busy year, I feel like I am missing so many wonderful bloggers that I normally enjoy reading. I'll have to do some catching up during Spring Break.