Saturday, March 1, 2014

Suspenders and a Fedora (2/31)

After dropping my boys off at school,  my little lady and I embarked on an important mission. 

I walked up and down the isles in search of just the right items. 

  • Black suspenders that wouldn't be too big or too small. 

  • A button down shirt...short sleeves or long sleeves? 

  • Slacks that needed to match the suspenders. Would that be too cheesy? 

I must have looked like I was  a lost child because a lady wearing a name tag bee-lined it in my direction.

Can I help you?

Why yes, yes you can... I explained the circumstance and she reassured me that I was on the right track. I just needed a hat to complete the ensemble. She directed me to the correct area. It was like a search and find puzzle. The perfect hat seemed to glow in the stack. I carefully maneuvered my way around the wayward hats and nestled the black fedora into my cart. 

With a smile on my face, I zoomed over to the register before something else caught my eye. 

Mission complete....or so I thought. 

After my youngest son got home, I quickly coaxed the bag of goodies into his hand. He inspected my find and smirked. "Mom, I have my mustaches upstairs. Can I use one them too?" I nodded in agreement and quickly shuffled up the stairs to retrieve another accessory. He put everything on to make sure they fit perfectly. 

 "Mama, this is perfect but I need old man shoes. Old men don't wear school shoes." He replied in the most innocent voice. 

"You can bring slippers if you'd like. What kind of shoes do you think you need?"

"You know, those kind that are slippery and don't have any straps on them."

"Yes bud, I know what you are talking about but these will just have to do."

My 100 year old man was officially ready for his 100th day of school....shaking cane and all. I just love this boy. 


  1. This is adorable! So much fun to go to 100th day as a centenarian!! His comment about the 'school shoes' is still cracking me up. Love how you took us into each part of this tale! Fun!

  2. What a fun way to celebrate! I wonder if he was picturing someone in particular as he imagined his clothing for today? An older relative? Family friend? My grandmother is close to 100 but certainly doesn't fit any stereotype in the way she dresses!

  3. I love it...a 100 year old man. I love his image of what the shoes should be like - it makes me laugh out loud wondering where he saw the slippery bottoms!
    I wanted to do something about what life was like 100 years ago this year....but never year! .

  4. I'm sure his teacher ate it up too! Absolutely adorable and what a good mommy are you!

  5. What a cutie! School shoes...old man shoes... they are definitely different! lol