Friday, March 28, 2014

Decisions (28/31)

They beckon to me from all sides of the room.

Choose me! 

Choose me!

I lift each one up. A gentle whisper of a touch. 

I carefully turn each page as I browse through the colorfully thought out pages. 

I must choose wisely or I may get an earful for a large purchase. 

An award has been earned for a long week of conferences and trying to teach eager children while Spring taunts us from the window. 

My arms get heavy with a top contestants. I must narrow it down to at least. 3. 

One more read through and the competition is narrowed down. 

Could I use any of these for multiple lessons? Why of course...but which ones will stand the test of time and attract children of all learning styles? 

Four books remain in my arms. I feel good about them as I approach the book fair check out line. I smile as children look to see what I have hidden in my arms. 

It is time to read them to my children first. But which one? The decisions never stop. 

Books purchased: Creepy Carrots, Ladybug Girl, That is NOT A Good Idea, and a great nonfiction book called Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons.  

1 comment:

  1. I can highly recommend 3 of your choices (have not read Ladybug Girl). It is so tough choosing at any gathering of books. I loved the way you led the reader through your thinking, but not revealing what you were talking about until the end. Enjoy those books!