Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Switching Sports

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My boys play multiple sports throughout the year. Hockey is our go-to sport of choice but soccer, baseball, and golf are sprinkled through the seasons as well.

My oldest son, T, struggled with his golf grip after a long season of hockey. Swapping his hand position was a challenge, but one that he was determined to be successful with. I watched as the coach moved his hands to certain spots on the club. T would swing beautifully, put the club down, pick it up again, and resort back to his hockey stick grip. It played out like a clip from Happy Gilmore. I explained to the golf coach that we were finishing up hockey season and that T was confused about his hand position. He nodded his head in understanding and patiently moved T's hand grip multiple times throughout the lesson.

J's first t-ball practice was tonight. I dutifully stayed at home with the baby while my husband took an excited J to meet his coach and teammates. He was full of questions that I was unable to answer. What color is my team? Is anyone on my team from soccer? Which hand do I use to swing the club (I giggled and told him that the club was called a bat).  

A bright eyed boy returned an hour later with a smile on his face and rosy cheeks to boot. He quickly shed his baseball pants for a pair of warm sweats before giving me a big hug.

"So, how was your first practice? Did you get to throw and hit the ball? Which hand did you use to hit (my son switches hands)?"

"He hit with his right but gripped it like a hockey stick.", my husband replied. I was not surprised to hear this. It's been an ongoing problem.

My husband continued, "He got really excited when they took out the catcher's gear. 'Goalie gear...yeah!' He couldn't wait to gear up." I had to chuckle...J is very eager to play the goalie position in hockey but has to wait until he is big enough to not swim in the pads. Being a catcher may fill that void for another year as he continues to sprout, much to my dismay.

It looks like switching spots may have its perks this year. Only time will tell.

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  1. I could just imagine the scene as you described it. It's funny how little boys get excited for the games they play...have fun this season and good luck with the catcher's role.