Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out Little Retriever


Bleu! Bleu!
My boys are giggling and shrieking in the other room. I can hear their feet pounding as they race across the wood floor. It sounds like a pack of elephants are running after my little wild cat. Then I see the cat bolt across the dining room with a black thing in its mouth. I stared at the dining room for a moment longer, trying to place the object in my mind. It certainly wasn't a cat toy but I couldn't place it.
It was a thin, black object that dangled out of his mouth and was bigger than his head. Hmm...maybe it was one of those mini Frisbees that come in the fast food kid's meals. Or maybe it was one of the many batman toys we have in our house. I watched again as my boys lapped another circle through the house.
This time the boys gave me a clue. In T's hand was a remote control. I looked closely so that I could place the object that went with it. It almost looked like a Wii remote but was bulkier and didn't have all of the buttons. All of the sudden, I was able to place the object dangling from Bleu's mouth like captured prey.
My boys were given remote control helicopters for Christmas. You give the remote control some energy and then hit the switch so the helicopter can fly through the air. Well, it looks like our retrieving cat wanted to play too. After the helicopter hit the ground, our cat grabbed it and began to run. He eventually dropped it so the boys could make it fly again...then he'd grab it and run some more.
My husband and I giggled along with the boys. We watched for several minutes while the cat retrieved the helicopter...only for the boys to chase him around the house until he let it go. Who needs a gold retriever when we have a grey and white miniature version of our own.


  1. So cute - I've never met a cat who likes to retrieve. What a fun story!

  2. This is funny! Like Chris, I have never met a cat who wanted to do ANYTHING that anyone else wanted it to do! They are usually so independent!

  3. This was fun to read. Smiling here at that silly cat.