Monday, March 18, 2013


In August, we adopted two cats from the Humane Society. I've already told you about Bleu but have yet to share about our other four legged member.

We were in search of one kitten when we went to the Humane Society. Isn't that how it always works? You are looking for one and come home with more than one. My eyes quickly settled on a scared tabby all by himself in a cage. My boys (dad included), drifted over to a rambunctious grey and white kitten with a cone on his head (Bleu).

The lady carefully took out my tabby and told me that his name was Burrito. I knew that there must be a great story behind his name. He was a wild kitten who was saved from a life scavenging for food outdoors. To capture this group of kittens, the rescue man threw his leftover lunch into the cage (a taco and burrito). This enticed the kittens who quickly ran in to get something to eat. When they got to the rescue center, my kitten was covered in Burrito...hence his name.

The lady tried her best to discourage us from purchasing Burrito since he was timid and had some social issues to overcome. She was worried that a house with two boys was going to be too rowdy for him. I persuaded her, explaining that I have pretty mellow boys who are great with animals. She relented and started up the paper work so we could take the two kittens home.

When we got home, we put the kittens into different bathrooms so they could adjust to their new environment. Bleu quickly adjusted and was roaming the house before dinner time. Burrito...not so much. He was either hiding in the frame of the bed or in the corner of the bathroom.

Fast forward 6 months:
It has taken time, but Marble (Burrito's new name...that's a story for another day) has adjusted to our family. We still can't pick him up but he is now snuggling with us during the day and sleeping with us at night. He no longer hovers in our bedroom when we are alone....although company is yet to see him. I am thankful for my Marble snuggles and look forward to the day when he feels comfortable enough to let me lug his tubby body around with me. Until then, I'll patiently wait and give him the space he needs. Let's just hope it doesn't take another 6 months.


  1. Oh what a lovely story. Marble has found the perfect where you are patient and allowing him to feel safe and set his own limits. I have a cat...22 years old and still doing well...but she was wild when I got her and I did the same as you. It took years before some of my friends saw her...but now she is the queen of the house and keeps all of us in line. I am so glad that Marble and Bleu found such a loving home as yours. I will have to search for the Bleu story and will wait for your story about the name change for Marble. Jackie

    1. Wow, 22 years...she must be well loved. My childhood cats lived to be 19 and I thought they did wonderfully. Thank you for the encouraging words that Marble will be a cuddler in the future. I look forward to lugging his hefty body around the house someday soon.

  2. What a great story! I love kitty snuggles too! I sometimes feel more special when a cat snuggles me, because after all, they are pickier than dogs! :)