Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Spa


Warm bottle of water (Peri-bottle from hospital works great)
Johnson & Johnson baby body wash/shampoo (foaming kind)
Comfy baby bathtub
Cozy towel (preferably with a hood)


Make sure that you have everything prepped prior to undressing baby. They tend not to like sitting out in the cool room with their birthday suit on while you wait for the water to warm up.

After gently placing baby into the baby bathtub, quickly sprinkle warm water over baby. If they cringe, turn red, or scream...recheck your water temperature. Babies don't always like their water as warm as mommy does.

Generously apply body wash/shampoo on baby. Make sure to lift baby up from baby bathtub so their back gets clean and warm. It's amazing how much milk collects in those little folds.

Gently massage shampoo into babies hair, if they have any. As you carefully rinse off babies hair, make sure to carefully coral the water away from the eyes and ears. Feel free to let out a giggle if your child/daughter arches her head back and chirps as water runs down her back. It is baby spa time for some children.

Once your baby is completely rinsed off (don't forget to double check...left over soap residue makes for a cranky baby), quickly transfer them to the cozy towel. Walk briskly to wear clothes are laid out and ready to go. Dress your child like it is a Nathan's Hot Dog race so you minimize the angry squawks that may come out of the sweet mouth that belongs to your child.

Lastly, sit back and take in the sweet smells of a freshly bathed baby. There is nothing like it. 


  1. "massage shampoo into babies hair, if they have any" ha - great voice!

  2. Your detailed descriptions brought back lovely memories.

  3. Love the smells of a baby fresh from the spa! Great how-to text.

  4. Yes, enjoy that smell! It doesn't last long enough!

  5. Love the "baby spa" simile! Perfect!