Friday, March 22, 2013

Growing Up

7 months old
It feels like just yesterday that this little man arrived and changed my life. T is my first born and probably the sweetest boy alive. I have watched him grow into an amazing boy who is quickly approaching 8 years old. He is growing too quickly and as hard as I try, I am not able to remember every moment.

I reminisce today because my "baby" is having his first official sleepover birthday party. Can he really be that old already? Thankfully I know the family and trust that they will take amazing care of my son. But that didn't stop me from being an over protective mom.

I went through the list:

* Families address and phone number...give them mine too (just in case he wants to come home early)

* Make sure that he has his blanket and best buddy (Make sure that Softie is cleaned before hand)...double check to make sure that he won't be made fun of because of it.

* Extra clothes in case he needs them and a toothbrush that isn't chewed to pieces.

* An extra hug and snug when I drop him off.

* Try not to get misty eyed as you watch him walk longer a baby, but a big boy.
7 years old with new sister

Another milestone has been checked off my list today. One that I'm sure I'll laugh about later but one that makes me stop and reflect today. Another reminder that times goes too quickly and I need to live in each moment and remember every bit of it.


  1. Sniff, sniff. (Wipe away the tear.) I haven't even thought about this yet! I can't think about this yet! Thanks for the forewarning . . . I still have some time, but my brain thinks ahead to high school and dating and prom and . . . and . . .and . . . I totally skipped over sleepovers!

    Isn't it funny how it's such a big deal for the kids, but it's also a big deal for us too?!? Hope you make it through the night too. :)

  2. Step by step. At least it doesn't happen all at once, this growing up. Still it flies by.

  3. Time flies. What a wonderful thing that you are documenting these passages as they grow.

  4. I remembered my own kids first sleepovers as I read this because I had such similar feelings. Time does fly as Deborah says, and I wish I'd been slicing and keeping record way back then as you are doing. Just the look in his eyes makes me think that your T is a wise little 7 year old. He is holding his baby sister with such tenderness.