Monday, March 18, 2013


Our little guy days after coming home.
"Burrito! Burrito!"
When choosing a name for your child, they tell you to yell it out on the playground. If it sounds good to your ear, then it's a good fit. Well, yelling Burrito around the house did not work for me. Our poor kitten needed a new name and one that would reflect his personality. This was a huge challenge since the kitten who needed a new name was constantly hiding from us.

Bob....No, too common...even though he kind of looks like a bobcat.

Shadow...he's always lurking in the shadows and is impossible to find when he's was under the bed. No, grey cats are usually named Shadow.

Our boys are into superheroes, how about a hero name? Bruce Wayne...we could call him Bruce. He lurks in the shadows and darts from hiding place to hiding place. He's strong and stubborn when he doesn't want to be retrieved. No, I was over ruled.
Our royal fellow..claiming his territory
We went back and forth with names, trying to find something unique but fitting for our newest addition. We went several days before settling on Marble. It doesn't have a great ring to it but it fits him perfectly. My husband discovered the Asian Marbled Cat when looking online.  The markings on this wild animal are very similar to our little tiger. He also has monstrous paws that are jet black underneath. My husband jokingly calls them his gorilla paws. Marb's (I had to shorten his name so I can yell it in a hurry) eyes glow in the dark and he is as stealth as any wild cat. It was a perfect fit and one that he seems to like as well.

"Marb! Dinner time!" ...It just has a nice ring to it.


  1. What a handsome fellow he is! He does look like a Marble, you know. And he's certainly got that cat's eye (little marble joke). Your family is surely growing!

  2. My husband had a cat named Marble. I will have to ask him how it got that name. I had never thought about the cat's eye marble that Mardie mentioned. Thanks for your story about how Marble got his name...and it is much better than he has a name worthy of him. He is a beauty...sitting there so did you get him to pose!! My kitties are so old now...22 years old...their fur is not quite as shiny...but they still have that proud like stature of a cat. Love this!! Jackie