Saturday, March 30, 2013

Poetry in Motion

1 month already
Olive skin with a pinch of rose on the cheeksPerfect button nose...ideal for Eskimo kisses and nuzzles
Pile of brown fluff and stuff piled on top of her head
Nibble worthy ears
Bright and attentive eyes, always ready to take everything in
Newborn blue eyes with a touch of brown and grey stealing the attention
Shar Pei wrinkles to kiss and cuddle
Long, slender toes and fingers...ready to explore
Perfect pink petal lips for frowning and smiling
My little girl is poetry in motion


  1. Ahh! Adorable! Love those nibble worthy ears and Shar Pei wrinkles. What a blessing from heaven.

  2. Babies bring out the sensory in us, don't they? Thanks for sharing your little girl with us in poetry!

  3. She's gorgeous! Definitely nibbleworthy. And I love those pink petal lips! A perfect poem!