Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family + Holidays = A Good Life

I love holidays, but who doesn't? I love them because our family gathers together to celebrate every single holiday...we can thank my mom for that one. She has always been big on decorating for holidays and makes extravagant meals. She things of every detail and makes every gathering special and heart felt. It can be felt from the moment you hit the, eggs hung from the tree by the road and a big blow-up bunny waved a welcome.

We started off today, gathering together at church to give thanks and to remember the sacrifices that were made for us. I am always filled with this overwhelming love when I leave church, and today was no different. We then headed to my parents house for a ham dinner.

I couldn't help but take a moment to look around and savor the blessings in my life. As I sat in my chair, sun beating on my back and glazed ham wafting through the air, I marveled at what I saw. I was surrounded by 9 family members (plus a baby chilling in her chair) and was tempted by a bountiful feast. My boys faces have matured so much since the last time we gathered at this table...their manners and kindness radiate from them. Outside, the sun shone over a landscape of snow covered Olympic Mountains and the buzz of hummingbirds could be heard racing past the screen door. Easter baskets sat at each seat around the table...filled with goodies and thoughtful gifts for each child. Everyone of these things is something to be celebrated, treasured, and thanked for...but my favorite part of the day was after lunch/dinner.

After the table was cleared and the baby was fed, everyone headed outside to the huge backyard. I rocked A in my arms and stood on the back deck, looking down toward the bottom of the yard. Horses played tag on the other side of the fence but my eyes were on the crazy boys in front of the fence. Blow-up hammers and balls flew around...laughter and giggles echoed up with the breeze. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. J pounded away at my brother with the blow-up hammer while T launched the ball at Grandpa. No one held back and the giggles and devious smiles could be seen and heard by everyone. My brother raced after my dad, ball in hand and sinister laugh ready as he pegged my dad in the head. Not to be outdone, my dad scooped up the ball and giggled his way to a direct hit on my brother. It was the perfect way to celebrate Easter. Pure joy was being had by all and I couldn't help but feel blessed to have amazing men surrounding my boys. Life is good!

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  1. The scene you created with words brings a smile to my lips. What a joyous day, peace and contentment lie within you as you savor your family that surrounds you. You are one lucky lady to have this.