Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Yesterday was my daughters 2 week well-child check up. She gained a full pound since leaving the hospital and passed all of her tests with flying colors. I was completely relieved. It was so nice to hear good news about her. No more heel pricks or blood tests...for now. That first big shot sequence is in 4 weeks...I'm not looking forward to that.
Today was my appointment. Upon delivery, the anesthesiologist was unable to give me an epidural. He tried 4-5 times without any success...leaving me with 9, yes 9, holes in my back. Needless to say its been very tender and incredibly uncomfortable. I was going in today to talk to the doctor about some side effects that I've been having.
I bundled up my daughter and headed out into the downpour that threatened to wash away our car. We searched for a parking spot and ended up having to walk a distance in the rain. Ugh, those infant carriers get heavy in a hurry.
After getting checked in at the military clinic, I waited for the doctor. After 10 minutes, he strolled in and began telling me that I needed to use a heating pad 4-5 times a day to help with discomfort from an epidural. I hadn't even told the man what was bothering me. His assumption that I was a wuss of a woman put me in a cranky mood. Who was this man to blow me off before even hearing my concerns?
I patiently waited for him to finish his pre-diagnosis before listing my side effects one at a time: severe headache to the point that I have to close my eyes and wait for it to stop, cold tingles running down my arms, the inability to bend a section of my back, tenderness and a lump in the punctured area, and sharp pains when I try to reach my hand over my head. And the symptoms are getting more intense instead of subsiding.
His diagnosis: Purchase those heating pad bandages at the grocery store. Use them 3-4 times a day to help with the discomfort. If that doesn't work, then I should go see my family doctor or the ER doctors because this was out of his realm. They have a broader knowledge and he just specializes in women parts (he's an OB/GYN "doctor").
I was blown away. The man spent 5 seconds looking at my back and referred me to the grocery store. My blood is still boiling and my appointment was 10 hours ago. UGH.....FRUSTRATION!

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  1. My blood would be boiling too! Hopefully you can find someone a little more competent to help relieve your symptoms!