Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinner Time

Maroow! Maroow! 

Awhoo! Awhoo!

It must be between 5:00 and 6:00 at my house. You can always tell when dinner should be served in our home by the animal calls that echo through our kitchen.

Brownies were in the oven and the chocolaty goodness wafted through the air while I prepped the chicken and listened to the onions sizzle in the pan. Water gurgled as I trimmed the white flab that remained on my chicken breasts.

All of the sudden, my legs began to get warm. I had a that normally hides under the bed upstairs. When Marble appears downstairs, it's only for 1 reason...FOOD! He is like clockwork and the other animals in the house follow suite. He has a deep, broken meow similar to a Siamese cat and he loudly announces that dinner is due while we weaves a pattern between my legs. As I glance at the clock, I am reminded that it is dinner time...5:46 screams out to me through the steam on the stove top clock.

I know that the nagging will not end until I open the fridge and get out the canned food. As soon as the can comes out of the fridge, my dog begins her call. Ow-whoo! Ow-whoo! She will not be left out of the dinner symphony that surrounds me. She is the oldest animal in our home so I feel guilty feeding the kittens first. I leave the can on the counter and begin scooping out her dry food. Sasha does circles to show her approval while the cats sing a little louder.

Yes! I know...I'm working on it!

Once everyone is fed, I can once again hear the sizzle of the onions on the stove and the gurgle of the water. Of course, now I am behind in my dinner routine. Hopefully everything finishes on time.

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