Saturday, March 23, 2013

All Tuckered Out

It has been a busy day for every member in our family. Today was opening ceremonies for baseball and it was a beautiful day...cold and windy but the sky was blue and the sun was warm (when it wasn't hiding behind the random cloud). After running the bases, completing a home run challenge, playing a 1 inning scrimmage, and devouring a free hot was time to come home and relax.
A was swaddled up in 4 layers of clothing during our outing and couldn't wait to lose some layers and fill her tummy. After a good filling of milk, she settled into a milk coma and was content. I gently laid her in her Boppy so I could attend to my other baby. I carefully wrapped her blanket around her and watched as her hands shot up over her head...her typical resting position. A smirk appeared on her face as I carefully dabbed a leftover dribble of milk at the corner of her mouth.
I looked over at the other couch to find my oldest son, T, zonked out. His big body was curled up into the corner and he had one leg stretched out and the other curled up underneath. He no longer looked like a grown 7 year old, but my resting little boy. For some reason children always look younger when they are resting. Now if only I can commit that sight to memory. Obviously he had a wonderful time at his sleepover and didn't get a full nights rest. I was happy to see him catching up on some zzz's, knowing that he must have treasured every moment of his sleepover.
The last kiddo was J and he couldn't wait to get some mama snuggles. I curled up on the other end of A's couch and watched as J climbed up into my lap. His almost 5 year old body no longer fits perfectly in my crisscrossed lap but he tries. I tucked my legs sideways and curled up with his legs over mine. He rested his head on my shoulder and peered at the TV with me...watching hockey is a normal weekend family moment for us. I watched the rest of the Bruins game and marveled at how quickly my shoulder got heavy. Is it because I'm used to a little 7 lb. baby laying on it or is my grown baby sleeping too? Sure enough, those long eyelashes were resting on his cheeks.
I couldn't help but look around my living room....grown son zonked out on one couch while my younger two snoozed on the other. I closed my eyes with a large smile on my face and decided that I would join my tuckered out crew. What a great way to end a beautiful Spring day of ball.


  1. You paint such a peaceful picture of your snoozing family. I imagine with four young ones, those peaceful moments must be balanced out with lots of laughter and movement.

  2. Aw.. there's so much love in this. There is nothing like these moments. :) Thanks for sharing! It makes me what to go and cuddle up with my own son.