Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cinnamon Roll

photo © 2011 whinger , Flickr
I can always count on my kids for a funny story.

Tonight, I was getting ready to give A her bath. J was excited to come and see what a baby bath looked like. I gave him the job of putting the baby bath in the tub while I got his sister ready. He jumped at the opportunity and  carefully put it in...waiting to see how his sister would use it.

I gently placed A in the baby tub and reached for the water bottle. I had already filled it up with warm water so she wouldn't get cold right away. I let J squeeze the water on to his sister. He stopped at her belly and just kept letting the water spill over her tummy. She didn't seem to mind much, but I was worried that she would get cold (regulating her body temperature is still a challenge).

"J, sweetie, you need to spread the water around so A doesn't get cold."

"Mama, is that her belly button? It looks like a cinnamon roll!"

I stopped for half a second to check his observation and sure enough, he was exactly right. Her umbilical cord fell off about a week ago and we are still waiting to see if she will have an innie or an outie. Right now, it looks like the swirl of a cinnamon roll...half in and half out.

I wish that I was able to see things as creatively as my boys do. They help me look at things in a different way on a daily basis. Now I have a baby girl with a cinnamon belly button.


  1. What a great story! One that your family will tell for many years, I'm sure! Love the connection your son made!

  2. Too funny and you are right...there is nothing greater than the words out of the mouths of babes!