Monday, March 26, 2012

A Thank You

Today was our first day of conferences. I am always so nervous about the first day. Did I put enough helpful information in the packets for parents? Can I support the grades I've given? Will parents be upset about some of the things we need to talk about? The list is endless. I try my hardest to be the best teacher for each student in my classroom.

I had a couple of challenging conferences today. One parent wants her bright child to be challenged. I try to find ways to challenge her daily but I am always worried that it won't seem like enough. I had a couple of conferences that required some behavior concerns. I hate having those type of discussions but they make such an impact when done together. Each conference went better then I anticipated. The parents were so supportive and the children were so accepting of the conversation. It was almost too good to be true.

I went home in high spirits and ready for another LONG day tomorrow. I check my school email a couple times a night just in case parents have last minute questions that I can take care before everyone goes to sleep. I had a special one waiting for me tonight. 

A mom wrote to say thank you for taking the time to get to know her daughter and to work with her through the challenges this year has brought. She said that it was nothing short of a miracle that I was able to get to know her and her quirks so well. She thanked me for our conversations and the support we've given each other this year.

It brought tears to my eyes to hear/read this. We have been on a journey together and it has had it's ups and downs. I know that wonderful things will happen for this young lady and I am so blessed to have had a part in her life. These are one of the many things that I love about my job. I truly feel like I make an impact everyday.


  1. And I know that this 'thank you' makes the whole, challenging, takes-so-much-to-prepare day worthwhile. Thank goodness for parents who take the time to say thank you! I know you must be a great teacher, Elizabeth. You write so full of heart about your teaching! (like the final sentences above). Good for you today, and best wishes for tomorrow!

  2. Save the thank you note. I have collected notes like that and they help when the stress gets too high. Good luck for tomorrow. You know you have done all you can to support the children in your class.

  3. "We have been on a journey together." those words tell me what a caring teacher you truly are. I have a blessing box. I keep cards, pictures, notes, and copies of emails from students, parents, and friends in it. When the going gets rough (and it always does at times)the blessing box items encourage me.

  4. I'm glad you had such a positive email waiting for you. Little does she know how much teachers live for small moments like these. Yes, you do make a difference.

  5. I always wrote thank you notes to teachers when I was "just" a mom. Now I wish I'd done it more knowing how much a difference it makes.

  6. Those thank you's make it all worth it, don't they? Makes you forget the hard days and the tough times. Keep this close to your heart and pull the memories when the times get rough.