Thursday, March 22, 2012

Say Cheese!

Today was class pictures day. I am always so nervous about this day. Normally pictures are from the neck up...but not on class picture day.

I rummaged through my closet this morning and settled on a silk blend navy dress. It looked classy but also Spring like. I figured it was a good bet. I threw my curling iron into my school bag and was ready to go.

As soon as I exited the house, I was met by a wicked know, the kind that makes your insides cold. It was one of those. I wrapped the scarf tighter around my neck and hoped that Spring would make it's appearance today.

I walked the hallways with my sweater wrapped around me and my scarf nuzzling my neck. It was our turn to get our pictures. I gathered up my third graders and followed them down the hallway like a mother duck with her duckling.

When we entered the gym, the same corny blue tie-dye like background hung behind the silver bleachers. You would think that they'd have nature drops, cherry blossom drops, or maybe a good beach theme....Nope, just a blue mess.

My kiddos listened carefully as the photographer lined them up to make the picture memorable and symmetrical. I quickly threw my sweater and scarf behind the bleachers, shook out the few wrinkles in my fabric, and took my place.

"Jeez, your teacher looks like any other student in your class!", said the photographer.

I couldn't help but think, "I'll bet you say that to all the teachers!"

After pictures were taken, the photographer came over to talk to me. Did I make a mistake in the little papers I was supposed to give the kids?

"You look really familiar, have I seen you before?"

"Well yes, you have! You took my senior pictures at NKHS a decade ago.", I replied in my sweetest voice.

"Oh, I knew that I knew you from somewhere."

How many times are you going to have your high school photographer take pictures of you in your profession? And have them remember you at that?

It was a pretty cool day! Oh, and the sun decided to make an appearance when I left the building. I could actually put the scarf and coat in my bag....kept the sweater though. Beggars can't be choosers.


  1. Our photographer has been around forever too but its really cool he remembered you. I always forget when it is picture day - my kids ending up looking so put together next to their scraggly teacher.

  2. Why is it that they take photos in the cold months when everyone looks pale - why not summer when we all have that healthy glow?

  3. Our class picture consists of little square of individual pictures all put on one piece of eight by eleven photo paper:)
    Loved the anticipation of this story. I conjured up all kinds of scenarios on the way to your ending...none of them involved the photographer remembering the teacher. I was sure he was going to mention your hair was doing funny things!

  4. A surprise ending. I hope that the pictures turn out great.

  5. Our school does a panoramic picture of the entire 8th. grade. Since I teach all three grades, I'm always in that one. It's taken outside and turns out really nice. I always stress over how I look because so a lot of people are going to see that picture!

  6. What a great story - I bet the photographer really meant it when he said you looked like a student...and I bet her really does not say that to everyone...I have not heard that line in years!

  7. This is a great story. How in the world does he remember people like that?