Saturday, March 3, 2012

Restless Dreams

The boys were tucked into bed and my body was holding down the couch. This is always the signal for my cat to nestle himself somewhere on my body. Sometimes it is on my lap, under the blanket, or on the arm of the chair. His body must ALWAYS be touching's one of the "must" rules in our home.

A slight chill filled our home tonight. It could be from the cold front that visited or the clear sky that didn't hold in the heat. Either way, this meant that Mojo (my cat) needed some extra heat. He pawed at my arm until I lifted the drawbridge of fleece that covered by body before settling in under the covers at the crook of my knee. After a couple rounds of spinning in circles, he formed a perfect comma. My chills began to disappear and the mini earthquake of purrs began to dissipate as well.

Merra!    Merra!     Merra!

What in the world is that sound? It was high pitched and in short spurts. I stopped and listened for a bit....There is was again. This time it was coming from my leg.

Twitch!   Twitch!

Merra!     Merra!    Merra!

My cat began to twitch by my leg. Not wanting to wake the sleeping beast, I gently lifted the blanket to reveal ears twitching and front paws dancing. I've seen this scene many times before with my dog.  My dog dreamed all the time...usually with a grunt every once in awhile.

Today, I caught my cat dreaming for the first time. I only got a second before his eyes snapped open and then began to glare in my direction. I smirked, gave him a quick scratch between the ears, and lowered the blanket. My mind quickly began to wander. Was he dreaming about chasing something? Catching that pesky bug? Getting that piece of turkey meat? I will never know, but the high pitched "merra" sound is now saved in my memory for the next time it occurs.

Back to your kitty dreams Moj....hope they are fun!


  1. He's beautiful and your piece so captured the moment. I felt the chill of the night, identified with the fleece to warm up and the animal that needs to be close. Funny how animals and human coexist each getting and giving.

  2. Isn't it interesting to think of our pets having their own dreams -- living their own imaginary lives -- outside of our world? Whenever my dog is dreaming, and running with his legs in motion, we make guesses on what he is chasing. It might just be his tail, though. He's not that bright.

  3. You sliced a purr-fect moment. We all will be wondering what the cat's dream was about.

  4. Your descriptions always put me right by your side. I felt all snuggly and warm reading this post. Mojo is gorgeous. You made me miss my two cats who had to sit on my lap and chest.

  5. I like how you were "holding the couch down." I could feel you drifting off to sleep. I find lately that's what I've been doing. Waking up in the middle of the night might have something to do with it. How nice you have a buddy! Cat dreams - interesting!

  6. I miss having a cat! I too love that you are 'holding down the couch'. Now I'll think of this every evening, Elizabeth. I don't think I ever caught my cat dreaming & making such a sound. It was funny when he waked up to look at you & seemed embarrassed. Is that what everyone means when they say they caught you 'catnapping'?