Friday, March 2, 2012

A Fresh Start

Most people start the day after a good nights rest. I feel that I start a new day around 10 at night.

My wearisome legs are released from the business attire and welcomed into a pair of worn out sweats. I swear that they breathe a sigh of relief the second the furry fabric touches them. My Super Hero grabbing arms are wrapped in fleece after a night of chasing and carrying my amazing boys. My body is now wrapped in relaxation.

It doesn't just end there though. Freckles are revealed again as I erase away the work of the bead of sweat at a time. One color disappears while another is released for the night. A warm washcloth after a long day feels like a blanket that has just been taken out of the dryer and wrapped around your body.

And we can't forget the mouth that has been yammering all day long. A minty rub on each tooth is like a personal massage. I try my best to give each tooth it's personal time. A rub here and a persistent scratch there gives them a bit of a sparkle...almost like a goodnight kiss. This is my opportunity to keep them healthy and say thank you for all the work they do during my day. I may eat some not-so-healthy food during the day but the night time is when I eat healthy (no food at can't beat sleeping for keeping junk food out of your mouth).

After the nightly routine is done, I begin the shut down process for my brain. It is persistent and wants to run some last minute updates but I insist that it completely turn itself off. Once that is done, the fresh start is complete. Everything is rested and has time to revive.

The start of the day has begun and it is my time to make the most of my fresh start. Let the day begin!


  1. Interesting perspective. You just made an evening routine sound like a celebration. I especially like your gratitude speech to your teeth.

  2. I felt like I was on the journey with you through the nighttime rituals! You made it so clear, while making me feel drowsy at the same time. This is so true to those of us who have needy body parts.

  3. Love how you describe your wind down routine--my Mom was a dental hygienist for many decades and I think she'd really get a kick out your "minty rub." Creative description.

  4. Terrific way to look at this, Elizabeth! I too feel my 'other' day begins when I arrive home & change into what I call 'grubbies'. Like always, I love the detail you bring to your stories, down to the pearly whites & the working brain. Thank you for a fresh look at the end/beginning of my day!

  5. Oh that is the hardest part getting the brain to shut down after all the days' activities. I love your details.

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  6. I never thought of it this way - but I really like the idea! Every little detail is there to start the day. So glad you are joining the challenge again this year -- I was getting worried! :)

    1. Oh Michelle, writing has been taking a seat on the back burner lately. Time to dust off the computer and get back to work. Glad to see you here again. Year 2. :)