Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Sweetness

photo © 2009 Hilary Perkins | more info (via: Wylio)
It is a miserable night here on the East Coast. The rain is coming down in sheets and the sky is dreary and spotted with storm clouds. I was not going to let this grey day dampen my spirits.

After getting my kids tucked into bed, I said adieu to my hubby and headed out for a treat. There are several local creameries near by that delight in pleasing my ice cream loving taste buds. The flavors are ever changing but today was the perfect night for me to be toffee was on the menu. I ordered some fried clam strips and a small scoop of ice cream. I was set to go.

I was sprinkled by rain drops as skipped my way to the car, puddles separating as my sneakers pounded through them.  My mouth began to water as I anticipated the first bite. I wondered how the flavors would compliment each other...would the coffee be strong or just subtle? Today was a day for savoring sweets before the meal. I slid my plastic spoon between the delectable scoop of goodness nestled in my cup. The ice cream clung to the cup, eager to delight my taste buds. I let the coffee flavor melt along my tongue as I crunched the heath bits between my teeth. My taste buds sang in agreement as a small sound crept between my lips...mmmm!

As I savored every mouthful, I began to people watch. I happen to love watching people and how they interact with each other. My eyes settled upon a little red headed boy. He bounded out of his van with unabashed joy. He bounced to the counter...then, realizing that no adults were there to help order, skipped over to his grandfather who was carefully making his way around the front of the car. The little boys fiery ringlets danced as he tried again to make his order. He hopped from one foot to the next as he waited his turn. He began to smoosh his face against the glass as the lady scooped up a purple mess. His smile pushed up the freckles that speckled his nose and cheeks. The bouncing revved as the ice cream was slid across the cool metal counter. He couldn't get the sweet treat into his mouth fast enough. I smiled as I watched the excitement of another ice cream lover. Today was not a day to be held back from a scoop of sunshine.


  1. Oh, yum! Ice cream is my downfall. I loved the description of the bouncing being revved...
    I didn't get a scoop today, but when I got home I dug out a Heathbar Crunch Dilly Bar that I bought three drizzly days ago. It's been raining here in the Northeast for too many days. Do you know I overheard a "person from away" talking to another, saying "yeah, people in Maine eat ice cream ALL year!" - Like that's strange! We have to eat it all year. Who knows what day summer will be?

  2. Lovely details of your escape, although I read this late last night & couldn't rush right out. Perhaps today, after exercise. Sorry for all the rain. We just had 3 days of it, and needed it so much, but I see your weather back east & commiserate. I love that last line; it applies to so many things, could be a famous quote!