Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bath Time

photo © 2005 Jeff Kubina | more info (via: Wylio)
 Bath time can be categorized as the worst part of the day or the best. It all depends on the time and mood for the day.

Today was a T-ball night which tends to throw off our normal routine. On the way home from the game, requests were given...I'm going to play Mario when I get home, I want circle cheese, I want daddy time, I'm going to have Gatorade when I get home. None of these requests fit moms....bath time and off to bed.

"OK boys, time to get ready for your baths!", I quickly shouted over the water thundering from the spout.

Groans quickly followed as clothes began to soar around the bathroom like birds begging for food...snagging on toilets, hooks, and the cat's tail. The grumbles suddenly disappeared when bare bottoms entered the warm, beckoning water. Now water took the place of clothes as it began to splatter every corner of the once spotless tub. Splash! Crash! Where's my dinosaur? Have you seen my Elmo? Don't throw water in my eyes!

"OK, who is first?", I asked as I lathered up my hands with tear-free soap.

"What? We just got in the tub.", questioned my oldest son as he death gripped the rubber race car.

"Quick bath time! Now whose first?"

Groans..."Can I play video games if I go first?"

"No, but thank you for volunteering....you're first!"

One after another, I lathered up sandy hair and dirt matted heads.We watched the water turn from a crystal blue to a muddy puddle. The boys complained about the grit covered tub and begged to get out of the tub. Bodies were clean and the tub would be next. Another bath time completed...now time for the rest of the routine.


  1. You make even the hectic bath times sound like fun. Love your descriptions!

  2. Your descriptions are the best. Love those clothes like birds, & earlier, the requests, so full of life and 'plans'. You have made a time sometimes tough on parents (end of the day tired) sound like a pleasure.

  3. I agree with the above comments. Your fun descriptions definitely create a memory out of something that can tire you. You flooded my thoughts with memories of my kids. Now I hear, "Mom I forgot my PJs upstairs. Can you get them?" and check to make sure the wet towels are hanging up. Fun moments in your life. Love it. MaryHelen

  4. Amen....about bath time being the best part or the worst part. So true.

  5. You took me back into time with my 3 boys. The best part of your post was the boys shedding their clothes and the water taking over. Getting them out is harder than getting them in, too!

  6. Your fourth paragraph is my favorite. Such wonderful imagery. This is a wonderful small moment.

  7. Beautiful description...Sounds like lots of fun...
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