Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring has arrived!

Ah, I finally saw the bright glowing globe in the crystal blue ski for two days in a row. The snow has almost completely melted and I am starting to see green sprouting from the ground. The battle has been fierce for the flowers in our yard. They have fought through solid soil only to get snowed on time and again. Their troubles have paid off...the ground is softening up and the sun was shining bright. This weekend was full of getting the yard prepped for some rain, God's kisses. The kisses are raining down on the flowers today and the grass is starting to change from the mossy yellowish color to a brilliant emerald green. My spirits have been lifted by the nice weather and my motivation to do things has increased as well. It's amazing how lazy I get during the winter times when the sun isn't shining down on my face. Of course the pasty skin in the mirror doesn't help anyone's self image either. Thank goodness Spring has arrived...I look forward to the warmer weather, painted colors, and sun kissed skin. Who hoo!

1 comment:

  1. Great to hear you finally received some spring-time weather. We are in such need of moisture that your description of "God's kisses" made me envious. I am giving those kisses myself through the garden hose. Enjoy the sunshine!