Friday, April 1, 2011

An April Fool's Joke

Father Winter is at it again. He thought that he'd be funny by making it snow after Spring arrived. He let Spring tease us with some warmer weather, buds on trees, and snow melting into the grass. Then he swooped in with his paintbrush and cleared the landscape. He is becoming quiet the comedian.

After another beautiful Spring day, the news announced that we would be getting 6-12 inches of snow the first of April. Are you crazy? Is this some kind of sick joke? We can't be getting MORE snow. The grass is going to get freezer burn from all of this defrosting and refreezing.

The weather men were right again, much to my dismay. Last night, as I lay hacking up a lung (another gift from Mr. Winter), I noticed that my world was being shaken like a snow globe. Waves of heavy snow fluttered by my window as Father Winter shook my little town, tossing it into disarray again. The snow continued to layer on to my lawn, covering the once greenish grass like sour cream on a 7 layer dip. It is a heavy snow that is weighing down the branches of the mid-bloom trees like it weighs on our spirits. It is beautiful to look at but we are all ready for the vibrant colors of Spring. We have yet another clean palette...ready for Spring to drag her paintbrush across our canvas and splatter vibrant colors from place to place.

Ha! ha! ha! Father got us this time.

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  1. You paint a magical picture - my favorite line: "I noticed my world was being shaken like a snow globe." And of course, your description of Spring dragging her paintbrush and splattering vibrant colors! Picture perfect words! Sorry about this April fools joke. . . hopefully it melts quickly!