Saturday, April 23, 2011

Non-Fiction Kids Magazines

I love the National Wildlife Federation Magazines.
Perfect for Emergent Readers.
Today was a dreary, snowy day...a day to stay under the covers with a good book. No such luck for this family. Today was opening ceremony for T's t-ball team...yes, in the rain and sleet. Ugh! The good part is that it got us out of the house and on the move.

T is an avid reader but is getting tired of always having fiction books. We got some non-fiction magazines at the library to try out and T just ate them up. His birthday is around the corner and I'd love to get him some magazines to anticipate for each month. Magazine subscriptions can be expensive though so I wanted to try them out before making a long term commitment. So off we went to Barnes and Noble to browse their magazine section...and get some treats with coffee included.

Cricket Magazines...
great variety and easy to find a good fit.
  I was amazed at how many different kinds of magazines are available for emergent reading children. I'd heard of your basics: Time for Kids, Highlights, Ranger Rick, American Girls. There are so many other magazines out there though. Cricket Magazine has several different options for varied age groups. They have both fiction and non-fiction options so it's easy to find a good fit series for your child. I am so very impressed with these magazines and will be getting our subscription soon...I just have to figure out which ones to get.

Of course looking at these amazing magazines got me to start thinking about my classroom. As a teacher, I do this often. I can see recycling these magazines into the classroom, displaying them ever so careful. The non-fiction would be nestled between the water animals and the land animals book bin. Maybe the aquatic frogs would take a peak while waiting for the perfect child to pick up the magazine. The fiction mags may be displayed in clear containers by the turn in folders, in hopes that someone may browse them in their spare time. Ah, the possibilities.

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  1. It is hard to believe you're still having snow. We too might have a little, even in Denver. The mountains are having the biggest snow totals in years. Your ideas of non-fiction magazines for your son are great. I used many of those for older students in my classroom & they really liked them. For literature, you can't beat the Cricket ones, but we also had National Geographic, Scientific American, etc. Hope you continue to have fun with it.